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ultrasonic sieve
ultrasonic sieve ultrasonic sieve ultrasonic sieve

ultrasonic sieve

Product ID : NMC-1000
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ultrasonic sieve

Product Description

ultrasonic sieve equipment for fine materical

The working principle

Attached to the screen of the ultrasonic vibration wave (mechanical wave), makes the ultra micro powder accept huge ultrasonic acceleration, thus inhibiting adhesion, friction, pancake, wedging, such as screen blocking factors, improve the screening efficiency and network efficiency. Converting 220 v, 50 Hz or 110 v, 60 Hz power into high frequency electric energy of 18 to 40 KH. Then use ultrasonic vibration head convert overclocking electrical energy into mechanical energy.


1. Ultrasonic vibrating screen frame using the separated type structure with light weight. It has Resonance loop with good results, and screen mesh long service life

2. Improving the adhesion effect of electrostatic powder, thus improve the screening efficiency and quality of screening

3. Improve the high density of metal in the front-end ports retention or wedging

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